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Review for Pelin Asfuroglu, Tour guide in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

About Torres del Paine National Park

At the very roof of Chilean Patagonia sits the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine; defined by the chiselled faces of the sheer Cordillera del Paine, the icy caps of the Grey and Tyndall Glaciers, the shimmering depths of Lake Pehoe and Lake Sarmiento, and the gushing rapids of the Paine Cascade alike, amongst flowing fields of the country’s historic sheep pastures and wild southern steppe.

Today, hundreds of thousands of visitors flock in to hike the trails of the much-trodden W Circuit, or the longer Big Circuit, which encompasses majestic Lago Nordenskiold and the soaring panoramas of the Mirador Condor, as well as the ubiquitous sights of the Paine Massif itself. Both routes are fantastically serviced, though when preparing for the trip, do keep in mind the fickle weather conditions, as well as making reservations in advance, be it for stays in a hotel or a refugio. There are of course helpful Torres del Paine National Park tour guides at hand, to point out all the natural wonders, rare wildlife, hidden camping spots, and best lodgings along the way.

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