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About Santiago

Seated in the heart of Chile’s central valley with lovely views of the Andes Mountains, Santiago is a cultural mosaic of colonial foundations, neoclassical architecture from the 1800s, modern city development, and every extraordinary stage in between.
Rely on a Santiago tour guide to take you on a journey through this capital city’s South American history, and hit a variety of cultural niches along the way. Enjoy the panoramic city views from the Cerro San Cristobel, shop at the open street markets of Artesanías de Chile for handmade products, take in the architecture at La Moneda, the Presidential Palace and the downtown areas, and tuck into local seafood brought directly from Pacific ports on the Chilean Coast. Cap off your day with the country’s traditional drink, the pisco sour, and an evening show at the majestic Teatro Municipal. A visit to Santiago is the ultimate experience, as taking a stroll through the city allows access to 500 years of history and culture!

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