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Review for Alex Briones, Tour guide in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

About San Pedro de Atacama

Set amidst an alien landscape of colossal volcanic peaks, dusty foothills and endless swathes of Atacama Desert, it’s easy to see why the minuscule town of San Pedro de Atacama has been so celebrated at the forefront of Chile’s ecotourist, adventure-travel drive.
Sprouting out from a shady little central plaza of dusty rock and adobe homes, San Pedro’s heart is hardly the booming tourist hub you’d expect. But, delve through the alleyways and its hidden character will reveal itself in clusters of Chilean coffee shops, bubbling backpacker bars and a smattering of after dark ‘clandestino’ parties.
As any San Pedro de Atacama tour guide will tell you, this town’s fame is derived wholly from its surroundings, with most who come here eager to break out into the national parks, mountains and archaeological sites that pepper the wilds around. These range from the shimmering flats of the Atacama salt pan and the steamy rivers of Puritama, to the Geysers at del Tatio, the region’s salty lakes, and the Inca-inscribed ridges of the iconic Rainbow Valley.