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About San Pedro de Atacama

Get a local tourHQ guide to help reveal the best coffee shops, backpacker parties and adventure package providers of this dusty town on the edge of the mighty Atacama Desert.

Set amidst an alien landscape of colossal volcanic peaks, dusty foothills and endless swathes of Atacama Desert, it’s easy to see why the minuscule town of San Pedro de Atacama has been so celebrated at the forefront of Chile’s ecotourist, adventure-travel drive.
Sprouting out from a shady little central plaza of dusty rock and adobe homes, San Pedro’s heart is hardly the booming tourist hub you’d expect. But, delve through the alleyways and its hidden character will reveal itself in clusters of Chilean coffee shops, bubbling backpacker bars and a smattering of after dark ‘clandestino’ parties.
As any San Pedro de Atacama tour guide will tell you, this town’s fame is derived wholly from its surroundings, with most who come here eager to break out into the national parks, mountains and archaeological sites that pepper the wilds around. These range from the shimmering flats of the Atacama salt pan and the steamy rivers of Puritama, to the Geysers at del Tatio, the region’s salty lakes, and the Inca-inscribed ridges of the iconic Rainbow Valley.

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Private Tour Guides in San Pedro de Atacama



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Alex Briones

 Trabajo de guía bilingüe español e inglés hace ya 9 años en San Pedro de Atacama y el ... More more

Andres Valente

hola mi nombre es Andres Ormaechea Valente, soy guia desde 12 años haciendo recorrido de montaña ... More more

Lautaro Silva

Lautaro Silva

I like to guide and I like my country. I always guide not in traditional way. I show the real life ... More more

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Local Tour Operators in Chile

Stargazing San Pedro

We offer a range of experiences relating to the night sky, amateur observations to astronomy and even astrophotography! Managed and guided by professionals with education and ... More more

Mountain Travel Peru

Mountain Travel Peru

Mountain Travel Peru, trekking climbing tour company run by fully certified professional Mountain Trekking Guide.We offers the best holidays and adventures travel trekking ... More more

ilovechile Tours

Ilovechile Tours

ilovechile Tours is a Chilean Sustainable Tourism Agency looking to connect tourists around the world with local people, non-conventional places, and ... More more

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Private Tours, Excursions & Sightseeing in San Pedro de Atacama


From USD 93

Tour Tatio Geisers-Geiser del Tatio-Putana & Machuca ...

7 Hours

The most incredible effect from the Steam in the Tatio Geiser can be seen in the Sunrise when the rays of the Sun reach the Geothermal Field.


From USD 50

Atacama Salt Lake, Flamingos and Taste Wine!

5 Hours

Walking on the moon? seems to be impossible? Of course, we cannot take you to the moon but we can take you to a place that is quite similar, And, it is Atacama Salt Lake. Atacamenian ...


From USD 44

Moon and Mars Valley / Valle de la Luna y Valle de la Muerte o ...

4 Hours

Home to arid landscapes reminiscent of Mars, the valley brings-forth a Salt Mountain range, incredible caves and salt mines. Truly amazing option for hiking in one of the 10 must see places in ...


From USD 60

Cejar Lagoon-Ojos Del Salar-Tebenquinche Lagoon

5 Hours

Let's have a beautiful afternoon together, swimming, taking amazing pictures and with most delicious catering with an Amazing Atacamenian Gourmet Cuisine and Pisco Sour with Rica ...

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