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About Puerto Varas

Just one glance at the soaring white vistas of the Osorno and Calbuco mirrored in the blues of the Lake Llanquihue is enough to introduce Puerto Varas, the golden boy of Chile’s outdoorsy offering. The mighty volcanoes that crown this town are also one of its major draws, offering adrenaline-fueled visitors everything from snow hiking to skiing on the pistes of La Burbuja, as well as seriously breath-taking views. Water sports abound on Lake Llanquihue with kayaking, fishing and schooner sailing as popular pursuits. Sunbathers hit the beaches at Niklitschek and waterfalls like Petrohue beckon from the wilds a little further afield.

To do it all, Puerto Varas tour guides offer package trips encompassing all this energy-packed action and further explorations out into the beautiful Los Lagos Region of Chile. This pretty town of Germanic churches and typical timber homes serves as a great base, with a smattering of guesthouses, hotels and even a casino that ensure it’s a comfortable and at times lively little place to bed down.

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