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About Puerto Montt

Edging its way out into the rugged fjords and sounds of southern Chile, this sleepy little fishing centre has become a favourite stepping stone for travellers making their way to explore the wild volcanic peaks and untouched coastal stretches that dominate the landscape from here to Cape Horn.

Of course, given its eye-watering surroundings, natural pursuits dominate the line-up here. The ever-looming silhouettes of the mighty Calbuco and Hornopirén do well to draw even the least intrepid of travellers out into the wilds—whether to walk the winding trails and spy out the gushing waterfalls of the Alerce Andino National Park, or to ski the ridges of the colossal Volcán Osorno.

Back in town, take a walk along the waterfront, as your Puerto Montt tour guide points out the docked cruise ships by the port, the artisans market and the Angelmo market, one of the best seafood places where it’s possible to sample this region’s famed fish soups and super-fresh salmon catches. And during dinner, do ask your hosts about the myths and tales of nearby Chiloé Island; laden with enthralling stories of ghost ships and ubiquitous sirens from the sea.

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