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Marcelo was an amazing tour guide for our group of 7. He is very knowledgeable and offered great insights into the history, culture , ... More more right

Review for Marcelo Uribe, Tour guide in Pucón, Chile

About Pucón

Saddled between the lakes of central Chile and the rising ridges of the mighty Andes, Pucón is irresistible to many. Just in the distance, the ski slopes and glaciers of smouldering Villarrica volcano shimmer an icy white, beckoning adrenaline junkies away from the picturesque lakeside shores of the town for the more energetic pursuits of skiing and snow walking. But the outdoorsy draws don’t stop at just that; Pucón tour guides also recommend horse riding expeditions out into the undulating hills of the Cautín, kayaking adventures over the waters of Tinquilco and Caburgua, hiking amidst the protected reaches of El Cañi and much, much more. This all means that a fantastic tourism infrastructure is in place, and well-equipped service industry is now at hand in the town, with efficient hostels and hotels, adventure outfitters and restaurants catering to a veritable hodgepodge of different traveller types - from the casual volcano spotting backpacker to the hardy high-altitude mountaineer.

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