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We initially booked Thomas service for a private tour of Santiago and then added excursions to Valparaiso/Vino del Mar. Communication was easy, ... More more right

Review for Thomas Poussard, Tour guide in Los Andes, Chile

About Los Andes

Snow-topped peaks and carved massifs erupt on all sides of Los Andes; it's like the perfect amphitheater in which to showcase the majesty of South America's greatest mountain chain. Despite the enviable setting, this otherwise small and backwater town doesn’t pack much punch in terms of awesome sights and attractions. Rather, its draw lies in the natural wonders that abound around, starting with the famous hiking trailheads of the Aconcagua rift. The intrepid and challenging walking routes that crisscross the passes there are best done in the company of a qualified Los Andes tour guide, as they wriggle up the peaks on the border with Argentina, hitting whopping altitudes of over 6,000 meters above sea level. In the winter, the ski runs of nearby Portillo are another major draw, boasting oodles of off-piste action, snowsure seasons and pretty views over the glistening Laguna del Inca.

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