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It’s all about eco travel on the Easter Island as your tour guides from tourHQ reveal the secrets of the mysterious land along with diving, stargazing, trekking and so much more.

Although officially a part of Chile, Easter Island sits very much on its own. 2,200 miles of empty Pacific Ocean separate it from the mainland of South America, and it took until 1722 for the first European explorers to find the pint-sized place amidst the vast blue. The isolation remains its most enthralling aspect; made even more intriguing by the indomitable effigies of carved heads that pepper its coast and inland ridges. There are over 800 in all, often found lined up in regiments above the crashing Pacific rollers or mysteriously kneeling on the clifftops. Be sure to get your Easter Island tour guide to reveal the ancient secrets of sites like Ahu Akivi and Ahu Tongariki – these are unquestionably the top draw. However, don’t just hop across the Pacific to see those curious statues. Come for intrepid trekking to the crater rims of Rano Kau, to see wild horses roaming the empty dustbowls, to sample earthy Polynesian grills cooked in buried barbeques, to surf on the left-to-righters, to stargaze through the impossibly clear skies – the list goes on!

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left-block Hello. I am constantly reminded of a wonderful tour conducted Xetro Tuki, which showed me the unique monuments of the Peninsula Poike ... review-right More more

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Private Tour Guides in Easter Island

Xetro Tuki

Xetro Tuki

INGLISH: I am a simple man, rapa nui, technical   in tourism guide, corpride ... More more

Claudio Cristino

Professional archaeologistEXplorer (Lowell Thomas Award 2011, TEC.Professor Department of ... More more

Nena A

I'm an experienced guide in Santiago and its sorroundings, mountains, wine valleys, ... More more

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Private Tours, Excursions & Sightseeing in Easter Island


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Rapa Nui Native or Rapa Nui Nativo

1 Day

Meet Rapa Nui, the native Polynesian inhabitants of Easter Island, follow the Polynesian culture and presently make up 60% of Easter Island's population. They speak traditional Rapa Nui ...

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