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Review for Alexalltracks Atacama , Tour guide in Arica, Chile

Alex is a very friendly and helpful guide. He took my daughter and I on a tour of San Pedro and to the Laguna. He was most informative. He adapted ... More more right

Review for Alex Briones, Tour guide in Arica, Chile

About Arica

Watched over by the mighty monolith ridges of the Morro de Arica, this proud and irresistible provincial capital enjoys a steady stream of visitors right throughout the year. Many come to case out the straight-laced facades of the Cathedral of San Marcos of Eiffel fame, sip cinnamon Cola de Mondo concoctions in the company of knowledgeable Arica tour guides, and explore the town’s legendary wealth of archaeological treasures as well as its fabled place at the forefront of the War of the Pacific. The more intrepid ones arrive with ready-waxed trekking boots, eyes cast westwards to the looming peaks of the Andes and the dusty ridges of the Lauca National Park. Rarely do travellers leave disappointed either way. Rather, they depart well fed on the juicy fruits and vegetables of the Azapa Valley, refreshed after riding the surf swells from Las Machas down to La Liserilla, or invigorated by a lively fiesta with locals on the Plaza Colon.