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About Chile

Chile’s land is a one-stop shop for ecosystems of the world. Dry deserts and sandy dunes stand nearby dense forestation and volcanic terrain; but none as breathtaking as Chile’s dazzling glacial fields. These landscapes, with as much beauty as contrast, allow visitors to make their Chilean trip as adventurous or relaxing as they dream. Whether you climb your way up the rocky Andes or lounge in the natural hot springs, unravel the mystery of the Easter Island or spend a day fly fishing in the Carretera Austral, nature’s backdrop creates an irreplaceable setting. That this breathtaking wilderness is beautifully preserved is a credit to its people, the latter perhaps the only facet of Chilean life as enticing as its’ land. Perhaps it is the physical thinness of the country, but people’s lives intertwine with each other’s effortlessly, and soon enough you find your tourist guard down to experience a comfort directly bred from the Chileans’ natural hospitality. Further infuse yourself into the Chilean way of life by snacking on an emapanada and a Pisco sour, Chile’s national drink that is a white brandy made from grapes, while yet another of its drink sourced from grape, the world famous Chilean wine can be found in far reaches of the world.

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