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About Cayman Islands

Headed up by the fishhook-shaped Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands are renowned as one of the richest of the British Overseas enclaves in the Caribbean. With more than 600 banks and countless offshore firms, economics and tax loopholes are perhaps the only things that the archipelago does better than beaches. And the beaches are fantastic. Going from Grand’s iconic stretch of Seven Mile Beach to the rugged, rocky folds of Smith Cove, there’s everything from windswept tropical sands to postcard-perfect spots backed by five-star hotels. Scuba and sea life spotting are also big business, and Cayman Islands tour guides leave regularly to delve into the turtle-dotted reefs and brackish lagoons of Boatswain’s Beach, or the appropriately-named Stingray Sandbar. There’s just a trace of the Anglo-Saxon to the place too, popping up in English pubs and sports bars, while the shopping is American through-and-through, with sprawling malls and off-beat little Cuban cigar salespeople aplenty. The capital at George Town is a fun little spot, with rum distilleries and microbreweries to boot.

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