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About Cape Verde

African, and yet not, Cape Verde’s character is an elusive amalgam of Portuguese colonialism, classic creole culture and traditional West African personality. It’s perched unceremoniously out in the swell of the Atlantic Ocean, more than 500 miles from the coast of its nearest neighbour, Senegal, where the country enjoys mild air currents and a noticeably pleasant micro-climate.
With wide sand stretches and pristine beachfronts, the most easterly Cape Verde island, Boa Vista, remains a hotspot for tourists, while its flat cousin of Sal to the north is often recommended by Cape Verde tourist guides as a little more of an off-the-beaten-track option.
In stark contrast, the volcanic rises of dramatic Santo Antao and the formidable caldera of brooding Fogo offer an altogether different type of terrain to explore, while the capital at Praia (home to no less than half of Cape Verde’s population) offers a rhythmic nightlife scene, with festivals and carnivals throughout the year. 

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