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About Canada

The world’s second largest country, Canada is a treasure trove of unexpected culture, entertainment, and passion, with regions diverse in landscape and activity. A trip to the Halifax or Nova Scotia sees Atlantic shores and busy fishing villages, while vast wilderness and rural lands overtake the northern territories. Montreal and Quebec are traditionally French, with busy downtown areas, countless museums, and an exciting nightlife. British Columbia is equally entertaining with majestic landscapes. Tourists easily lose themselves in the expansive mountains, dazzling lakes, and lush wineries that comprise BC’s Vancouver region.
While summertime welcomes outdoor cafes and active hikers, any Canada tour guide will swear by the splendor of a snow-coated countryside. Ski resorts and winter festivals create a contagious spirit, strong enough to replace the icy chill of Canada’s colder months.  Regardless of when you visit, no visit is complete without a taste of the country’s famous cuisine; fried dough ‘beavertails,’ gravy and cheese curd topped French fries called poutine, and maple syrup are among Canada’s can’t-miss specialties. 

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