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We made a 16-daystrip around Cameroon, Evaristus was our guide and really the best, we think. He learned us all about the country and ... More more right

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About Cameroon

Culturally diverse, dazzling landscapes, and a geography to explore; and yet Cameroon is an off-the-beaten-track gem for travellers making their way through this wild and enthralling section of the continent.
This is where one can see the soaring hoodoos of the Mandara Mountains spike their way into the sky, and where trekking the volcanic mountainside up to Mount Cameroon, Western Africa’s highest summit is veritable heaven for the intrepid outdoorsy types. Nearby, across rocky plateaus and desert lands, lies one of the continent’s oldest rainforests where abundant rare wildlife and other worldly greenery exist in majestic form, creating eye-catching sites for tourists and locals alike. It is not all adventure though, and the palm tree-dotted beaches of Limbe and Kribi are a truly magnificent affair; lapped by the rolling surf of the Atlantic Ocean against warm, smooth sand. Cold beers and local Makassa music against a background to a game of football make for a day of paradise after Cameroon’s adventurous depths leave you blissfully exhausted.
Then there’s the capital at Yaounde; a multicultural kingpin of economy and action that seems a little like Africa writ small. Be sure to ask your Cameroon tourist guide for tips on seeing the curious mix of post-colonial French cathedrals, German brew houses, and bubbling tribal market bazaars that abounds throughout its centre, before heading off to the National Museum to learn more about this country with endless appeal.

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