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About Cambodia

This Southeast Asian country has suffered a history of pain, only to rebuild itself on a blueprint of dazzling ancient ruins and modern cosmopolitan design. Temple remains draw visitors with gusto, eagerly seeking the timeless grandeur of these must-see historical landmarks. Beyond its’ majestic history, Cambodia’s urban areas are cultural epicenters. Meanwhile, more rural regions invite tourists into the native spirit; tropical islands, obscure wildlife, and pristine coastal waters melt with the traditional Cambodian lifestyle, giving travellers a true insight into the country’s authentic personality. Much of that character lies in the fight of the nation’s people, whose history of poverty and political instability have created a spiritedly hospitable local ambience.
Khmer is the country’s official language and though many dialects exist, Central Khmer is the most common. As any Cambodia tour guide will tell you, picking up a phrasebook before visiting can certainly pay off, especially when it comes to haggling with local vendors! Still, many Cambodians speak at least a little English, so tourists can navigate the country with ease.