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About Burkina Faso

Alright, so Burkina might be nestled between some of the less-than-savoury states of West Africa, and the country has had its own fair share of military juntas and tumult, but there’s no beating the perennial smile and welcome of the locals today, nor the enticing natural gems that make up this one’s backcountry as it rolls from the dusty sub-Saharan plains in the north to the curious Sindou hills and verdant savanna woodlands of the south. And then there’s BF’s indelible musical spirit, oozing out from the bobo bars of Ouagadougou (the capital) in a curious fusion of salsa, reggaeton, and African folk.

Many travelers start with a trip to Gorom-Gorom deep in the Sahel, where ancient caravan routes have created colourful bazaars and Burkina Faso tour guides offer camel treks into the fringes of the Sahara. Meanwhile, the striking mud mosques of Bobo-Dioulasso draw the culture vultures, while Banfora offers up hippo-dotted pools and Ouahigouya booms with trinket markets and rural crafts.

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