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I booked Velislav for a day to show me around Plovdiv: I asked for some (but not too much!) history, a local restaurant, the main sights and a few ... More more right

Review for Velislav Kasamov, Tour guide in Burgas, Bulgaria

Pavlina Docheva is the best.From all turist guide which i saw,and i saw them a lot,Pavlina is the best.From the first moment she make me feel ... More more right

Review for Pavlina Docheva, Tour guide in Burgas, Bulgaria

Hristo and me and some friends went on a lovely tour through the balkans towards the sea. We saw veliko tarnovo, verry nice! He told us allot aboubt ... More more right

Review for Hristo Doksanliev, Tour guide in Burgas, Bulgaria

About Burgas

Straddling the edges of the Black Sea coastline, Burgas or Bourgas is a lively and friendly Bulgarian city surrounded by lakes and a long beach line.
The city’s heritage is best represented by its museums, all conveniently located at the compact city centre, where the beautiful façade and domes of the St. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral loom large.
Fairly close to Burgas, on Lake Pomorie is the Salt Museum displaying authentic tools that were used in the production of salt. Rich in healing properties, the mud from Lake Pomorie is best applied while treating oneself to one of the many spas in the area. This protected area is also a haven for unique species of birds, a visual treat for bird watchers. North of Burgas is the popular, pristine Sunny beach with modern holiday resorts, and enough entertainment to last both day and night. Enjoy your day here as many locals do, lounging by a beach café with a Shopska Salad and a glass of Bulgarian wine or a tot of Rakia made from Bulgarian fruits.
Many Burgas tour guides would advice travellers to coincide their visit with the Annual Sand Sculpture festival for some fantastic and creative displays of sand art.

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