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About Salvador

Salvador, Brazil’s “City of Happiness”, attends to having fun in a very serious manner. Innumerable carnival warm ups culminate in the wildest, biggest and most authentic street party, the Carnival. One of the best spots to catch the parades and music is the Pelourinho, the historic and cultural center of Salvador. This charming old town with cobbled streets is a UNESCO World Heritage site packed with incredible Portuguese and colonial architecture, museums, bars and restaurants supplemented with live entertainment that makes it the veritable tourist haunt.  
A Salvador tour guide will educate you about the African influence that adds to this city’s exotic vibe. The Museu Afro-Brasileiro and landmarks like the Mercado Modelo and Largo do Pelourinho carry stories of the African slave trade. Living up to its cultural heritage Salvador is blessed with impressive churches and museums; don’t miss the splendour of the Igreja de São Francisco on your sightseeing itinerary as you navigate your way between the Upper City and the Lower City in the Elevator Lacerda. And after it all, relax! Surf or just lounge by one of Salvador’s many beaches, sunbathe at Abaeté Park or just revel in the sunset at the beautiful Solar do Unhão with live jazz music playing in the background. 

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