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About Recife

Hailed as the Brazilian Venice for its wealth of bridges, which connect the various fragments of land here at the joining of the Jordao, Beberibe and Capibaribe rivers and the great Atlantic blue, Recife is one of the most boisterous, alluring and interesting metropolises in the north of the country.
The touristic action centres on the beachside strips of Boa Viagem; a scintillating mass of shiny high-rise hotels, pristine sands and super-clean waters that’s alive with bikini-clad fashionistas and sellers touting fresh coconut juices to sooth away the sun. Nearby, the urban noise of the central districts does well to conceal the historic colonial spots of the Convent of Saint Anthony, the Carmel Basilica and the charming Rococo facades that cluster around Mark Zero. There are also some fantastic museums, topped of course by the mind-blowing Ricardo Brennand Institute.
Recife tour guides are also at hand to help would-be adventurers break out to the charming enclave of Olinda, where it’s possible to sample traditional Pernambuco feijoada stews—or would-be partiers find the best bars around Boa Viagem and historic Recife Antigo.

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