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About Pôrto Seguro

Pôrto Seguro was born when the first European navigators landed in Brazil back in 1500 AD. It’s very unlikely though, that the Portuguese explorers who first laid their footprints on the sands of the Discovery Coast would have envisaged this stretch of pearly white sand and swaying subtropical jungle as the tune-thumping party mecca it is today. That said, the hedonism certainly can't detract from a series of other undeniable draws here. Start with the terracotta-roofed pueblo homes of the colonial Old Town before reaching the beaches, which surely hit their zenith with the award-winning Praia do Espelho in Curuípe. Pôrto Seguro tour guides also offer trips out to see the exposed shoreline coral reefs at Recife de or the quieter streets of Arraial d'Ajuda. End the day in the buzzing pubs of Passarela do Álcool (Alcohol Catwalk), where pumping tunes and street performers make for a non-stop party all night.

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