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Magno was my guide recently on a short, three day Amazon tour leaving from Manaus. Because of his professionalism, friendliness, fluency in English ... More more right

Review for Magno Soares Fernandes, Tour guide in Ponta Grossa, Brazil

About Ponta Grossa

Ponta Grossa, in the state of Paraná, Brazil, is well known for its high culture, academic atmosphere, and natural beauty. The city features a multitude of museums and theaters, public and private universities, and several natural parks and canyons.
Your Ponta Grossa tour guide will tell you that most outstanding landmark in Ponta Grossa has to be Vila Velha, a park with a collection of trails and incredible sandstones formed by wind and water over the years. Vila Velha also features the Golden Lagoon and the Furnas, crater lakes linked by an underground river. Museums such as the Casa de Memória Paraná, Epoch Museum, and Campos Gerais Museum, offer more intellectual options for tourists, and the Opera, Marxista, and Pax Theaters as well as the Culture Center City of Ponta Grossa bring forth the cultural entertainment dimension to the city. Dining in Ponta Grossa is spectacular, featuring a variety of foods. Be sure to visit one of the city’s churrascarias for some of the best barbeque in South America. Ponta Grossa is one of the most well rounded cities in all of Brazil, offering dining and entertainment options for any combination of interests. 

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