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About Petrópolis

Once the summer getaway of Brazilian imperial rule, the city of Petropolis perches high in the valleys of the country’s dramatic Range of the Organs, showcasing some of Latin America’s curious historical architecture and enjoying one of the region’s most hospitable year-round climates.
Many visitors come here from Rio de Janeiro to the south, looking to explore the the Museu Imperial complex that once formed the great palace of the Dom Pedro emperors. Within lies a collection of Brazil’s regal treasures, ranging from the great golden crown of Pedro himself, to portrait after portrait of masters from Portugal and Europe beyond.
Don’t leave without joining your Petropolis tour guide for a sightseeing route of the city’s other interesting points, from the oddly Germanic Catedral de Sao Pedro de Alcantara, to the glass-fronted Palacio de Cristal. Once the history’s ticked off, consider heading a little further afield, for a trekking tour in the Organ Hills, or to the dramatic waterfalls that lurk beneath the jungles all around.

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