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About Pantanal

Encompassing a whopping 200,000 square kilometers right in the nucleus of South America, the mighty Pantanal hails in as the largest wetland area on the planet. It straddles portions of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, sloping down from west to east as the Mato Grosso Plateau gives way to the capillaries and weaving channels of the mighty Paraguay River. The terrain is a patchwork of deep greens and resplendent water pools that plays host to arguably the most biodiverse array of wildlife on the continent. Yes sir, this is a land where multi-coloured hyacinth macaws float above stalking jaguars, river otters slosh ripples in the marshy waters and anteaters meet marsh deer between the islets. Of course, given the waterlogged nature of the land, visiting the Pantanal is no walk in the park. Rather, Pantanal tour guides organise flyovers and boating trips that can last for days in the wilderness. Many of these depart from the city of Campo Grande and make use of the rustic fazendas (ranches come guesthouses) that pepper the various protected areas and national parks here.

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