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About Niterói

Poking its way out into the waters of Guanabara Bay, the urban conglomeration of Niterói faces up to the sprawling city of Rio with its very own collection of tropical beaches, a host of eye-popping architectural masterpieces by no less than Brazil’s own revered son, Oscar Niemeyer, oodles of art galleries and museums, and an overarching, laid-back vibe.

Many visitors come here across from the much-trodden sand stretches of Copacabana to enjoy Niterói’s line-up of world-class coastal spots, ranging from the award-wining strip at Itacoatiara, to secluded Sossego with its majestic golden sunsets. Others will come to case out the curious history at spots like Forte De Sao Luiz, for the soaring views of the Sugarloaf from Santa Cruz da Barra, or for the contemporary art collections at the city’s acclaimed MAC Museum. But the pluses don’t stop there either, because between this one’s sprawling shopping plazas and hidden coastal enclaves, Niterói tour guides are also eager to point out the popular partying hotspots at Sao Francisco— where Brazilian fiestas and the ubiquitous pina coladas converge well into the night.

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