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About Natal

Natal, capital city and gateway to the breathtaking beaches of Rio Grande do Norte is a popular tourist destination in Brazil. Safe and tranquil, this “city of the sun” as it is fondly called, beckons travellers from near and fear to revel in its natural beauty and charm.
Your Natal tour guide will tell you that the Praia do Forte is known for some of the best scuba diving in South America. After exploring the abundant sea life, check out the TAMAR project’s sea turtle preservation at the beach. Hang out at Praia dos Artistas for great entertainment at places like Chaplin’s nightclub. Enjoy delicious caipirinhas and cachaca drinks by the beach or stop at one of Natal’s restaurants for churrasco-- Brazilian barbeque. Catch a beach buggy to enjoy the dunes of Genipabu or try to figure where the world’s largest Cashew tree begins and ends at Pirangi. Natal is one of the best cities in South America to fully view and appreciate nature. Whether you are snorkeling or diving, enjoying the sun, or taking a walk through the parks, Natal’s breathtaking beauty never ceases to amaze. 

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