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Thanks to Francisco's amazing knowledge and familiarity with Rio, we feel we 'did' Rio in 24 hours! Francisco took us to all the hidden (and not so hidden) gems of the city ... more right

Review for FRANCISCO SILVEIRA PINTO, Tour guide in Ilha Grande, Brazil

We are glad that we have hired Marcelo as our guide. First, our tour proposal is quite challenging. We want our guide to take us to favela Santa Marta (Michael Jackson Square) and ... more right

Review for Marcelo Locke, Tour guide in Ilha Grande, Brazil

I have used Raul Pessoa on several occasions when visiting Brazil, both for personal travel and also for business travel. He has provided me with excellent service and is very ... more right

Review for Raul Pessoa, Tour guide in Ilha Grande, Brazil
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Waldeck Tenorio

Ranked #1 out of 1 guides in Ilha Grande

I am Waldeck Tenorio, From Ilha Grande , Rio de Janeiro Brazil. I speak english and frech. I usully work with people from many countries. I love receive people im my country. I know well Rio de Janeiro and  Ilha Grande ( I live inn Ilha Grande ). So if you need a guide you can contac me, It will be a ... more

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