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About Campo Grande

Don’t be fooled by Campo Grande’s far-flung position on the edge of the sweeping Pantanal; this town is packed with youthful energy and action, and enough bars, pubs and clubs to counterbalance its former manifestation as an agricultural outpost for cattle rearing and sugarcane production. The city derives its hedonism from its resident crowd of students, who can often be found flitting between university lecture halls and the acoustic joints and spirit bars of Rua Pedro Celestino and the Centro district. There’s also a distinct multiculturalism in the air here, evident in the clutch of worldly eateries in the downtown: sushi courtesy of the Japanese Okinawans; Armenian courtesy of the Caucasus – the list goes on. Campo Grande tour guides also like to show off the sprawling Parque das Nacoes Indigenas, perhaps the largest urban garden on the planet that comes complete with a colossal freshwater aquarium, the Indian Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, various monuments to Brazil’s indigenous peoples, al fresco cafes and a sprawling lake.

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