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About Brasilia

Brasilia, the capital of Brazil was founded in 1960 by President Kubitschek to unite Brazil under a new central government capital. Also known as Brazil’s Federal District, Brasilia is designed in the shape of a bird, this imaginative layout enhanced by modern and contemporary architecture, so impressive, that Brasilia has the unique distinction of being the only 20th century city that is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Start you Brazil tour at the Three Powers Square, or Praca dos Tres Poderes, a popular Brazilian landmark housing the Historical Museum of Brasilia, the Pantheon of Freedom, and several other important governmental monuments and features. Football fans can pay homage at one of the most prestigious soccer stadiums Estádio Nacional de Brasilia (National Stadium), a national monument no less in this football-crazed nation. Another major attraction to visit in the city is the Parque Nacional de Brasilia, home to incredible wildlife, flora and natural lakes. Your Brasilia tour guide will insist that your “must-visit” places should include the Catedral Metropolitana and Paranoa Lake, the location of the Olympic Center and Palace of the Dawn before you become part of the active nightlife that rocks the city.  

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