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I called Bernardo so see what he is up to and he told me that he will go hiking on the Trail between Petropolis and Teresopolis. I gladly joined in ... More more right

Review for Bernardo Vasconcelos, Tour guide in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

About Belo Horizonte

A criss-crossing grid of meticulously planned urban roadways forms the heart of sprawling Belo Horizonte, on its picturesque perch below the looming ridges of the Espinhaco Mountains right at the heart of Minas Gerais State. Having only reigned as the regional capital for just over a century, the town’s various districts have a distinctly modern feel, with areas like Pampulha concealing Oscar Niemeyer’s avant-garde Church of Saint Francis of Assisi and the glimmering rides of Guanabara Park besides. Belo Horizonte tour guides often recommend commencing your visit by hitting the Cultural Circuit on the edges of the leafy Praca da Liberdade. Here, erstwhile government buildings now exhibit the cultural nuances of this southern Brazilian region, from the Memorial Minas Gerais Vale to the Liberty Museum and the Popular Art Center. Nearby, cafes and excellent food courts make it possible to sample dishes like quiabo and drinks like lemony cachaca, all backed up by Belo Horizonte’s legendary wealth of party bars, centring on the heady Savassi district, and the strips of Raja Baglia.

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