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About Balneario Camboriu

Balneario Camboriu is Brazil’s back-up Rio de Janeiro, where sparkling condos abut a shimmering Atlantic shore, thumping music clubs spill out onto the palm-peppered boulevards and flamboyant fashionistas strut their stuff up a tellingly named Avenida Atlântica. Yes sir, this sleepless city booms with summertime crowds from right across South America, all eager to hone their tans on the sands of the city beach and nearby Laranjeiras Beach, connected by a cable car that soars high above the downtown. Balneário Camboriú tour guides have a lot on offer, from trips that delve into some of the last remaining primeval Atlantic rainforest, still clinging to the rugged hills and the Parque Unipraias that encompasses the city, to tours up to that other strikingly Rio-esque monument, the Cristo Luz on Rua Indonésia. Of course, there are also all the ubiquitous fiestas and carnivals to enjoy here, a range of cosmopolitan eateries serving up everything from Caipirinhas to pão de queijo cheese breads, and one of the liveliest LGBT communities in the country!

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