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About Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis, is an enchanting set of over 360 islands located in the southern state of Rio De Janeiro. With beautiful beaches, crystal clear blue waters and an amazing assortment of tourist attractions, Angra dos Reis is a dream vacation spot for local and international visitors alike.
Ilha Grande is the largest island of the lot with trails, waterfalls and secluded beaches; your Angra dos Reis tour guide will however point to the paradisiacal landscapes of Ilhas Cataguazes for the best swimming locations. Go boating to the Ilhas Botinas, or try a range of activities such as jet skiing, kayaking, or sailing to enjoy the full array of water activities. Gipoia is where the sunbathers head to, and grab a bite at the numerous restaurants and pubs there.  The calm waters of Angra dos Reis especially around the undisturbed outlying islands make it the perfect spot for scuba diving with its rich and abundant sea life waiting to be explored. Beautiful Angra dos Reis is a place where one makes promises to oneself to go back to again!

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