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About Bosnia and Herzegovina

For thousands of years the cultural influence of outsiders has shaped and moulded the Bosnian character. Imperial armies have come and gone, while the disastrous conflicts of the 20th century still linger on in the minds and metropolitan centres from Sarajevo to old Mostar. Today, Bosnia-Herzegovina is a country rising from the ashes, enjoying a cultural and political rejuvenation that shows no signs of slowing down.
Nowadays swathes of magnificently beautiful back country with wide vistas of mountainous rock and thick fir forests have come to represent a land of discovery and adventure for visitors, where a veritable cascade of outdoorsy pursuits is available. If that’s your thing, then be sure to ask your Bosnia and Herzegovina tour guide for details about white water rafting on the Neretva River, or rock climbing on the Romanija Mountain in the south.
And what’s more, the country has recently been touted as a viable extension of the Eastern European party trail, and with the capital of Sarajevo now accessible by day train from Budapest, the city’s quirky clubs and lively bar scene are just waiting to be discovered.

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