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Review for Cata Tonica, Tour guide in Uyuni, Bolivia

George is a knoladgeble, reliable guide.  His English is good. We spend the whole day with him. He was attentive to our needs. Highly ... More more right

Review for Jorge Jerez, Tour guide in Uyuni, Bolivia

Excellent service.  If someone looking tourist service in La Paz.   Highly recommen contact Javier for a service. More more right

Review for Javier Quispe, Tour guide in Uyuni, Bolivia

About Uyuni

Springing up on the cusp of the mighty salt flats of the Bolivian south-west, the town of Uyuni is an unexpected diamond in the rough. It’s a place where travellers mingle with leather-skinned miners in humble coffee shops between the small-scale archaeology museum and petite marketplace of the Plaza Arce, joking about the cold and the incessant winds that caress the town. Of course, the eponymous Salar de Uyuni is this one’s most noted attraction, and there are now plenty of Uyuni tour guides in town to help organise daytrips or longer excursions to the world’s largest salt flats which encompass a whopping 4,000 square kilometres of land to the west. However, Uyuni’s charm doesn’t stop with sodium, because there are geysers and lakes in the wilderness too, and a smattering of charming adobe hamlets to explore, as well as the Los Lipez region, with its brooding volcanic monoliths and ancient rocks.

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