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Our party of 6-8 people did a day tour of La Paz, and a 3-day Titicaca tour with Cesar.  We connected on tourHQ and then on WhatsApp. Cesar ... More more right

Review for Cesar Renjel, Tour guide in La Paz, Bolivia

Excellent service.  If someone looking tourist service in La Paz.   Highly recommen contact Javier for a service. More more right

Review for Javier Quispe, Tour guide in La Paz, Bolivia

Claudio was an excellent guide. As assistant guide for our trek, he was a calm and steady influence, always making sure that the hikers at the back ... More more right

Review for Claudio Maqque Valdez, Tour guide in La Paz, Bolivia

About La Paz

La Paz, one of the two capitals of Bolivia is nestled cosily amongst mountains in a canyon at the Choqueyapu River. Located 3,600 meters above sea level, it is one of the highest cities in all of South America; be sure to get acclimated to the height on the first day of your trip before you start exploring this diverse city!
If interested in crazy cultural intricacies, check out the “Witches’ Market” (Mercado de las Brujas). This street market sells various items such as “love potions” and items for rituals, as well as Bolivian handmade musical instruments and crafts. Experience the La Paz culture and local cuisine by cheering on at a round of Cholita wrestling held at the El Alto Market or enjoying traditional Bolivian fare of salteñas at the Plaza San Francisco. For nature lovers the extraordinary landscape of Moon Valley beckons; a little more adventure calls for that drive down Death Road with your La Paz Tour Guide.  If you enjoy history, the Tiwanaku Archaeology site and museum offer a window into a time before even the Incas had settled in La Paz. With such a wide variety of options, La Paz certainly has something to entertain everyone!

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