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Our party of 6-8 people did a day tour of La Paz, and a 3-day Titicaca tour with Cesar.  We connected on tourHQ and then on WhatsApp. Cesar ... More more right

Review for Cesar Renjel, Tour guide in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Excellent service.  If someone looking tourist service in La Paz.   Highly recommen contact Javier for a service. More more right

Review for Javier Quispe, Tour guide in Cochabamba, Bolivia

About Cochabamba

Set right in the hilly heartlands of central Bolivia, the sprawling cityscape of Cochabamba promises to wow visitors with a line-up of bubbling student bars, pleasantly affordable accommodation options, rugged and adventure-packed surroundings, and one of the most famous arrays of gastronomy in all of Latin America.

Before losing yourself in the culinary delights and vibrant nightlife at the chicha bars of the city’s central districts, it’s definitely worth asking your Cochabamba tour guide for the lowdown on the major sights, from the soaring Cristo de la Concordia on San Pedro hill and the opulence of Palacio Portales, to the lively market of La Cancha. Then, why not hit the famous holes-in-the-wall for a dish of Quechua ch'arki, sourced fresh from the organic farms lining the valley all around?

And if it’s adrenaline you’re after, then be sure to make a beeline for the greater Cochabamba district, to hike in the Amboro National Park or around the snow-tipped Tunari Peak, explore the caves and chiselled canyons of Toro Toro, along with oodles of paragliding, white water rafting and hot springs to boot.

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