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About Bolivia

Despite being one of two landlocked South American countries, Bolivia sprouts adventure from every corner. A maze of mountains, rivers, jungle, and forest create a natural playground for travellers of all sorts. Trek through the Amazon, while boisterous monkeys hop from trees high above meandering rivers below them. See the country from a different angle, as you climb the Andes and overlook ancient Inca carvings. In Bolivia, adventure can be found from the seat of a caravan, the sole of hiking boots, and any medium in between. Sounds of nature and its’ species create a lively soundtrack for the country, as every piece of landscape astounds those who visit with dazzling beauty and exotic diversity.
Any Bolivia tour guide will tell you the adventure continues past the land and well into the communities of local residents. The country’s culture will change you, with traditions dating back to the Incas and Tiwanaku, and layers of wealth and underprivileged living as one in society. To visit Bolivia is to discover treasured land and unique experiences unfound anywhere else. 

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