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15 Days Culture tour itinerary for Cotonou, Ouidah & Porto Novo: Learn The Ways Of The Beninese People

Cotonou, Ouidah, Porto Novo

Rural Experience Tour
Culture Tour
Tribal Experience Tour

Form a deep connection with the indigenous people of Benin, as you meet its vibrant people, explore the diverse wildlife and take part in local festivities. Learn the traditional ways of making wine, butter, and cheese and taste the delicacies of the local cuisine. Through this journey, you will 

DAY 01


  • You will be picked by your Beninese tour guide from Cotonou airport.

  • Transfer to a hotel in Cotonou for overnight stay.

DAY 02

cotonou - ouidah - grand-popo

  • You will reach Ouidah. Here, you will visit the Portuguese fort Sao Jao Batista and the temple of the royal Pythons. 

  • Next, you will survey sites of the slave trade, including the Slave Route and the Gate of No Return.

  • Then, you will walk in the sacred forest of King Kpassè.

  • After lunch, a picnic on the beach of Ouidah. Here, you can rest or go for a swim.

  • Depart for Grand-Popo for an overnight stay.

DAY 03


  • You will meet a local tour guide who will help you discover the wonders of the Xla people. 

  • The local guide will take you for a pleasant walk through the mangrove.

  • Next, you will go to the Salt island where you can observe local women manufacture iodized salt.

  • A boat ride will take you to the King's mouth, he island of birds and various sites of importance to the Xla community.

  • On your way back, you will have lunch with the locals and will be served the traditional Dakouin dish. You can also choose to swim and relax at the beach.

  • Depart for an overnight stay at a hotel in Possotomè.

DAY 04

possotome - bopa

  • Your tour guide will take you for a hike of Lake Ahémé. Here, you will discover the various local crafts, medicines and the water deities that the locals respect. 

  • Next, you will visit the thermal spring of Possotomè.

  • At the end of the day, you can relax at the shores or go for a swim in Lake Ahémé.

DAY 05

The potters' village

  • After an early breakfast, you will take the road to Sè, a village famous for its unique pottery made only by local women.

  • After the end of the village tour, you will put up a camp in Boukoumbé.

DAY 06


  • You will visit the Batammaribè people, whose remarkable turret houses have become an architectural symbol of Togo and Benin. 

  • In the afternoon, you will engage with the Otamari people. Here, with the local women, you will learn the process of making shea butter.

DAY 07

boukoumbe - natitingou

  • After breakfast, you will meet the Fulani people. Here, the local women will teach you the process of making cheese.

  • Around 2 pm, you will have lunch before heading to Natitingou to spend the night.

DAY 08


  • During the day you will explore the Pendjari Biosphere Reserve. Here, you will get to see the superb Tanougou Water Falls.

  • First night in the reserve.

DAY 09

The penjari reserve

  • After breakfast, you will go on a safari through the Penjari Biosphere Reserve. Here, in the meanders of the park, you will find its rich fauna and flora.

  • Second night in the reserve.

DAY 10

penjari - djougou-dassa

  • You will leave the Penjari reserve and head for Djougou. 

  • A visit to a local artisan named Félix in his workshop where he makes stone sculptures.

You may choose to spend the night in Djougou and continue on the Dass-Glazoué road trip in the morning. Here, you can enjoy a hike through the hills.

  • Spend the night in Dassa.

DAY 11

dassa - abomey - bohicon - ketou

  • You will visit the historic city of Abomey with its museum that traces the history of royalty in the 'Fon' region

  • Next, you will stop in Bohicon for an immersion in the distant past of the Fon peoples. Here, you will see the underground houses in the city of Agongointo. 

  • Head on to the kingdom of Kétou to spend the night there.

DAY 12

ketou - porto-novo

  • You will learn about the history of the Yoruba people, the kingdom of Ketou, the royalty of Nago and the internal organization of the royal court.

  • You will visit the Orisha Akaba-Idéna and the magic doors.

  • Then you will immerse yourself in Ofia, the village of the Gèlèdè masks, rites, and dances (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

  • You will survey the traditional architecture in the Nago region.

  • Return to Porto-Novo.

  • In the afternoon, visit the town of Avrankou. Here, you will be greeted by the children of the Yèten centre.

  • Dinner and overnight stay at hotel in Porto-Novo.

DAY 13

avrankou - adjarra

  • A visit to the cultural bustle of the local markets.

  • In a pirogue, you will go canoeing in the Black River.

  • A walk through the countryside to meet the communities of the “Goun” region. Here, you will learn about the manufacturing process of Sodabi, a local wine.

  • Next, you will go to the Adjarra market. Here, you may get the chance to taste the local cuisine if its a market day.

  • Depart for the Yèten center. Here, you can rest and also get to see the local livestock.

  • During the evening you can explore the city and have dinner.

  • Reach Porto-Novo for overnight stay.

DAY 14

porto-novo - ganvie

  • You will go to the royal palace and will have the honor of getting an audience with the King of Porto-Novo.

  • After the visit to the palace, you will explore the city of Porto-Novo. Here, you can observe the architecture of the museum and the haunting beauty of the voodoo places.

  • After lunch depart by boat to Ganvié: This trip will take you through three aquatic bodies (lagoon, river, and lake). On this trip, you will learn about the local fish farming method and local techniques for extracting lagoon and river sand.

  • Dinner and overnight stay in Ganvié.

DAY 15

ganvie - cotonou

  • You will have breakfast at a hostel in Ganvié.

  • You will go on a trip to explore the lake city of Ganvié.

  • Depart for Cotonou.

  • On your arrival in Cotonou, you can further explore the local area. The schedule for the last half of the day will depend on your flight's timings.

  • Dinner and transfer to the airport for your return flight.

  • 1360 EUR Per Adult , 450 EUR Per Child (* persons under 12 years of age are considered as children)
  • Local transport.

  • Accommodation.

  • Visits and cultural events.

  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinners);

  • Mineral water.

  • The services of our tour guides.

  •  Personal expenditure.

  • Flight tickets and the visa fee.

  • Activities outside this itineraries

  • Drinks other than mineral water.

Cotonou, Ouidah, Porto Novo

Rural Experience Tour
Culture Tour
Tribal Experience Tour

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Kpodozounto Léonce

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