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TourHQ has Benin tour guides just waiting to showcase the seething energy, the bustling markets, and loveable character of the frantic port city that is Cotonou.

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Discover the culture and history of West African countries and their people. On this tour, you will travel to Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo and experience Dioulassoba Mosque, Vodou religion, Ganvie Lake, Benedictine Monastery, domes of Fabédougou, and so much ...

From USD 2712 Per Person

Cotonou, Ouidah & Porto Novo

Form a deep connection with the indigenous people of Benin, as you meet its vibrant people, explore the diverse wildlife and take part in local festivities. Learn the traditional ways of making wine, butter, and cheese and taste the delicacies of the local cuisine. Through this ...

From USD 1640 Per Person


Explore Benin from north to south and enjoy the varied landscapes of the country. Discover the traditions and cultures of Beninese people as well as the local biodiversity on this long private guided tour.

From USD 1507 Per Person


Discover the daily life of Beninese families of South of Benin to learn about their lifestyle and the local cultural wealth. Enjoy the local cuisines and learn about medicinal herbs on this private guided tour.

From USD 193 Per Person

Cotonou & Natitingou

Discover Benin for yourself and embark on a completely independent adventure on this private tour with our tour guide. Experience the extraordinary encounters and immerse yourself in the culture of Benin while you are ...

From USD 482 Per Person

Abomey Calavi, Cotonou & Ouidah

See the largest lake village in Africa - Ganvie, visit the famous Pythons Temple, explore the popular Cotonou Crafts Market and enjoy the quiet haven at Bab’s Dock for its charming lakeside beauty. One can also visit the former capital of the Kingdom of Dahomey - ...

From USD 550 Per Person

Cotonou, Kpalime & Lome

Form a connection with the local communities as you witness their traditional cooking and practices making salt. Inspect the unique things on offer at the world's largest voodoo market. On this journey, you will also see the diverse wildlife at various sanctuaries and ...

From USD 362 Per Person


Explore the Nigeria's largest city mainland and the island, explore the commercial capital of Benin Republic and visit the village on stilt. Head to Togo to see the fetish market and embark on a boat journey on lake Togoville. Drive to Ghana to have a hands-on experience on drumming ...

From USD 2732 Per Person


Experience the voodoo festival in the ouidah Benin Republic. Enjoy the fascinating Venice of West Africa and explore Lome Togo, Accra and Cape Coast/Elmina Castle in Ghana.

From USD 1950 Per Person


Visit traditional villages, crafts and arts centres, an abandoned slave house, a fetish market, the door of no return, the slave road, the snake temple, a stilt village, and more

From USD 1850 Per Person
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Involved in community activities for 9 years, Ibrahim Tchan is a jurist specialist of World ...


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I am a young geographer benin people, promoter of ecotouristic and touristic tours through Benin ...


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I am passionate about African cultural values & history. I regularly work as a farmer. I did my ...

My name is Moise AWONLONSOU. I was born and grew up here in Cotonou, Benin.   My vision ...

MIKOUABO OOOOO  !!!(Welcome in one of the languages of Benin and Togo)My name is Alex ...

Hello,My name's Mesmin TONOUKOUIN, I am a senior Tour Guide based in Cotonou, Benin but covering ...

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Nous SWIRL ,sommes une équipe très dynamique et compétent.  Nous vous faisons voir ...


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