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About Belize

One of the world’s greenest and most historic destinations, Belize has so many travelers returning that it’s become a top retirement haven for perpetual snowbirds on holiday! After all, it combines over 600 significant Mayan ruins with a sunny stretch of the Caribbean and lush Central American jungles ideal for adventure-lovers or families looking for something different to do together. Its unrivaled beauty is only matched by the many simple pleasures available to indulge in here, and it’s no wonder why visitors simply refer to it as “The Jewel”.

Indigenous Mayans, creoles and even Mennonites have called The Jewel home for many years, and influence its modern-day culture in rich, complex ways that shines through Belize’s many attractions. Ancient Mayan ruins are harbored in the jungles to the North while the Afro-Caribbean Garifuna live along the southern coast. Any travel guide to Belize will inform you that locals are considered some of the friendliest people on earth, and very proud of all the wonders their land has to offer - natural, cultural and otherwise.

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