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About Belgium

For such a tiny country, Belgium packs quite a punch. From indulgent sweets to brew-producing abbeys and historic sites galore, this Western European nation the size of Maryland makes for a well-rounded destination immense in its offerings.
Bordered by Germany, France and the Netherlands, Belgium is considered the crossroads of Western Europe and encapsulates their contrasting cultures while maintaining its own unique identity. In Dutch-speaking Flanders, UNESCO-designated Brugge (“The Venice of the North”) and the university town Ghent take the cake as far as charm goes. Then there’s the second-largest city in the country with the second-largest port in Europe - Antwerp - that’s a front-runner when it comes to class.
But no travel guide to Belgium could overlook the country’s star: Brussels. The bilingual capital of the European Union practically rolls out the red carpet as far as diplomacy goes. Candy connoisseurs, celebrated chocolatiers and royal cathedrals come together to create a multi-cultural mix steadily on the cusp of cool. Visit the Mannekin Pis or Magritte Museum for just a taste of its sweet splendour.

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