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About Silhat

Deep in the north-eastern hills of Bangladesh, the city of Silhat is sprawled over the undulating hillsides of the Surma Valley. Affluent and developing fast, it’s become a real ‘must see’ on the Bangladeshi circuit, offering an altogether different natural backdrop than many other metropolitan areas in the country.
Here, the rice field topography and thick rain forests create some breath-taking panoramas, while the unique winter flood plains of the Silhat haors provide a breeding ground for migrating birds that come from as far north as Siberia to escape the cold. If you’re looking to experience the raw nature of Silhat, head to the Tamabil-Jaflong outpost, which has great views of the Indian waterfalls north of the border, or visit the Sree Mangal tea gardens, the largest of their kind in the world.
Silhat is also known for the yearly Sufi pilgrimages that flock here to honour the Shahs Jalal and Paran, and it’s possible to visit their respective shrines closer to town. These are just a few examples of Silhat’s important position as a cultural and religious kingpin in the region, while the central clock and other architectural sites are also worth a visit. 

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