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I feel privileged to have travelled with Mostafizur Jewel through the beautiful country of Bangladesh. As a journalist who relies on local help in ... More more right

Review for Mostafizur Jewel, Tour guide in Rangpur, Bangladesh

About Rangpur

Sandwiched between the Indian regions of Bihar, Sikkim and Meghalaya, Rangpur shares plenty with Bangladesh’s neighbour. Mughal leftovers dot its urban innards, raised by the emperors who conquered their way through the verdant lowlands around the Teesta River in the 16th century. Relics of the Raj also loom; Tajhat Palace with its neo-classical sculptures and adornments in Italian marble, and the Carmichael College spiked with bulbous domes and arabesque archways. There’s even a mini Taj Mahal to see, sitting amidst the verdant lawns of Binodon Uddyan in the heart of town.

All-in-all the combination of rich history and great stretches of metropolitan parkland here make for an enjoyable experience. Rangpur tour guides can also add a dash of excitement to the mix, touting different excursions out to the greater region—from rafting on the courses of the Teesta River, to visiting the mysterious terracotta creations of the Kantanagar Temple nearby.

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