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About Komilla

Comilla buzzes with life and energy on the Indian border by the bends of the Gomita River. For centuries it's been one of the dynastic and religious hubs of the Bengal, with the kings of the Harikela and the cultural influence of the Kingdom of Tripura making their mark since even before the turn of the first millennium.

In fact, it's mainly the relics of that bygone age that still draws people to the town. Known as the Mainimati Ruins, they straddle the outskirts in a stirring display of long-lost Buddhist temples. There are more than 50 individual sites in total, but a Comilla tour guide can point you in the direction of the best. They include the Kotila Mura – a holy temple dating from 600 AD – and the great Salban Vihara – a trio of mighty stupas where bronze carvings and ancient inscriptions have been discovered.

When you're done with all that, you can delve into the heart of Komilla town. There, the urban waters of the Dharmasagar Lake are ringed by popular parks and walkways, while the crafts market overflow with local wares.

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