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About Dinajpur

Stacks of pungent river fish, multi-colored saris, and spices all spill from the bazaars of Dinajpur, infusing this far-flung town out on the northern frontier of Bangladesh with an unexpected buzz of life. You will need to check latest FCO travel advice if you plan on coming, however – there have been some troubles ever since the 2015 attack. 

The main draw here is the Kantanagar Temple. A medieval-era masterwork of Hindu architecture, it rises from the tree-speckled fields to the north of town. Dinajpur tour guides can help make sense of the sheer wealth of carved terracotta figurines, the elaborate murals that mingle with the Persian infusions in its arches and columns. 

The region around Dinajpur also beckons nature lovers. The wild Dharmarpur Forest fringes the Indian border to the south-west in a swathe of jungle-green woods, while further north is the duo of the Birganj National Park and the Singra National Park, where you can delve into untouched sal forests. 

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