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About Freeport

Crusted with the powdery white stretches of Taino and Lucaya and bustling with the energy of some of the country’s largest businesses (who’ve enjoyed a tax-less existence here since 1955), frangipani-peppered Freeport combines the two things this archipelago nation knows best: money and beaches.

The coastline runs from Princess Beach in the west to Fortune Beach in the east, encompassing spots like Port Lucaya as it goes, where lively little fish barbeques erupt ad hoc on the edge of the sands, Bahamian beats echo from the drinkeries and smiling Rastas whittle handmade souvenirs in the market stalls. Freeport tour guides offer watersports aplenty too, which makes this sea-sandwiched town perfect for donning the scuba gear and casing out the Caribbean corals. During the American Spring Break season, the centre throngs with hedonistic students from the Eastern Seaboard in much the same way as Nassau, albeit with just a tad more refinement running through its classy cocktail bars and five-star spa resorts.

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