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About Bahamas

The deep blue waters and pristine beachfronts of the Bahamas archipelago have long been synonymous with jet set travel. These are the paradisal retreats of LA’s super-rich, the spots where lottery winners come to ponder their newfound wealth. But, you don’t need to be rich to enjoy these islands, you just need to be willing.
Strewn out across more than 700 islands between Cuba and Caicos, it can be difficult to know precisely where to go in the Bahamas. Many head straight for the capital at Nassau, where the long and sandy Cable Beach represents perhaps the busiest coastal spot in the country. Here, be sure to stop and sample the legendary seafood dishes served up fresh from the ocean at Arawak Cay; a long-time favourite recommendation of Bahamas tourist guides.
Other major pulls include the world-class sailing straights around Abacos Island in the north, marine wildlife spotting on the Exuma cays and deep sea diving in search of the countless shipwrecks and underwater ‘must sees’ near New Providence.

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