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About Austria

Yodelers. Schnitzel. Scenes from The Sound of Music; the stereotypical images of Austria run deep through the minds of foreigners, but hardly scrape the surface of this country’s true identity. A landscape of high mountain peaks and deep, lakeside valleys create a natural playground for skiers, swimmers and hikers. Take in Austria’s natural beauty with a picnic in the deep greenery or cable car ride through the glistening highlands. Amidst those picturesque sites are vast vineyard regions, producing local wines as much a part of the culture as the Austrian people. For natives, a commitment to food and wine is an intricate part of their lifestyle; gourmet shops, sidewalk cafes, and wine taverns await all who visit.
Beyond the cuisine, Austria’s culture, as is exemplified by its heritage, is heavily intertwined with the arts. Opera, theater, and classical music make the country’s heartbeat, with an explosion of energy and virtuosity. Any Austria tour guide will tell you that Vienna has long since been the cultural epicenter of the nation, drawing in eager vacationers and adventurous backpackers by the masses.