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About Australia

Australia’s coast is a long line of paradise, replete with sun kissed beaches, islands and bountiful reefs, each snippet boasting a separate piece of bliss and flaunting a different personality. The urban areas sprinkled along this coastline play home to a majority of its local population, whose multicultural mix is delightfully characterized by a laid back lifestyle gravitating towards the outdoors, and a unique brand of colloquial language.
Sydney promises high-end nightlife and sun soaked beaches; make a detour to Melbourne for a cultured dose of the arts. A visit to Perth promises access to some of the world’s best wines from the Margaret River while Brisbane’s café culture sets the mood to encounter a whole new underwater world at the Great Barrier Reef.
And while there are so many more cities to explore, your Australia tour guide will tell you that the country’s lure doesn’t stop when you leave its’ urban shores. The vast inland is a treasure trove; best unpacked via four-wheel drive treks off the beaten path. This is where you get to experience the spirituality of its Red centre through Aboriginal eyes and drive through what is truly the quintessential open road, to discover ever secluded breathtaking landscapes where native animals roam and nature thrives in its’ purest form.

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