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About Morocco:

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On this page, we would like to tell you a little about ourbeloved country. To tell you why we love it and why it is the ideal destination for those who love to enjoy their holidays,and for those who are curious to discover the beauty and the magnificence of places. WithTours Of Peaceyou can do it.

The Kingdom of Morocco known as al-Mamlaka al-Maghrebia, Its capital is Rabat. It is an African country bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the north, by Mauritania in the south, by Algeria in the east and by the Atlantic Ocean in the west.

Morocco is situated in the North-West of the Africa continent

Moroccan people:

Moroccan people are composed mainly of Arabs and Berbers (Imazighen).Morocco's national or official language: Modern Standard Arabic and the majority of the populations in rural regions speak Berber (known as Tamazight). French is the primary language of commerce and business, and Spanish iswidely spoken in the north. English is increasingly used also.

Vibrant In Africa:

Morocco is one of the most vibrant countries in Africa, with famous and lively cities such as Casablanca which is considered the largest city in Morocco; it is the heart of commerce and industry. Tangier is the bride of the north,it is the gateway to Morocco from Europe ,it is close to Spain (almost 12 Km); Fez is the cultural and religious centre and it was the capital of learning; and Marrakech known as the "red city" for its clay walls and ramparts, it is a main tourist city.

Peaceful Morocco

Moroccohas always been a crossroads between Eastern and Western cultures and a station where all kind of folks gather. It is an Islamic countrywhich is considered as one of the peaceful countries due to its openness to theworld. Our dear country isprosperous and rich in culture which creates the ideal destination on earth.

The Geography

The geographical site of Morocco lies at high elevations; it can be divided to three Atlas: the High Atlas (4167 meters known as Jebel Toubkal), the Middle Atlas and the Anti Atlas which makes it mountainous country and an opportunity for trekking and climbing.

Morocco's terrain divides into three great areas: Atlas Mountains, coastal plains and the vast desert. It offers the greatest variety of climates due to differences in latitude, elevation and nearness to the sea.

The Climate:

Morocco’s climate varies by seasons and offers an opportunity where to stay at any time of year; in winter (December to February) the north and coast can be very rainy and cloudy, the Atlas Mountains can be too cold withsnow-coveredpeaks last till July.In spring (March to May)the rain may continue to fall but the country is lush and green with wild blooming flowers.In summer (June to august) the temperature is extremely hot in Sahara desert. In Autumn (September to November)time when the summer temperature reduces gradually.

Morocco's Cultures,customs, climates, people and the places … all contribute to make this country so fascinating and the ideal destination all year round.

We invite you to visit our country and We Wish You Happy Travel !


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