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About Yerevan

Crafted by the hands of Armenian tribespeople, Arabic caliphates, Persian artists, Ottoman imperialists and Soviet industrialists alike, the city of Yerevan is a fascinating composition of ancient fortifications, Islamic architecture, Fin de Siecle frontispieces, and communist tenements. This incredible combination is further interspersed with curious folk art and magnificent Russian creations, and laid out on the flowing plains at the heart of the nation, below the looming peak of Mount Ararat.
For culture vultures, the city is hence an undisputed must on the trail through the Caucasus, boasting amongst others, a magnificent Opera House, gushing Singing Fountains at Republic Square, and a whole cascade of various museums—from Matenadaran, housing Armenia’s largest collection of ancient manuscripts, to the acclaimed Cafesjian Museum of Modern Art, complete with its Warhols and Chagalls. 
And once you’ve ticked off all the pretty churches and Orthodox cathedral houses, why not let your Yerevan tour guide initiate you to the city’s bubbling nightlife with a tipple of potent Ararat Cognac or Kilikia, or enjoy a traditional Armenian lamehjun pizza-bread while strolling the city’s web of leafy boulevards.

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